Saturday, December 26, 2009


Last Friday, my husband and I took part in my old daughter, Sunny;s Xmas party which was held by the Southern cross long day care center. It was my first time to join formal party in Australia. I found it was very different from china. In this party, they didn’t arrange kids to sing or dance, but it was still very interesting and meaningful.

The party was divided three steps. First step was afternoon tea. The staff of the center prepared delicious food such as pies, chips, cakes, cookies, fruits, drink and so on for parents and children. The parents and children enjoyed these food and had chatting each other. After half hour afternoon tea, we entered into the second step which was lottery time. Every family had a ticket which marked number, and the number was a proof of lottery. There were 20 piece of chance to draw a prize. The teacher let some children to choose ticket from a basket, and whose number was same as the ticket’s number which were chosen by these children, it meant this people drew a prize. It was very lucky that my daughter Sunny drew a prize. The third step was Santa’s time. Santa is all children’s hope, it means so long as a child meets Santa the child will get present. So this step was that Santa presented gift to every kid. I found every kid was excited to wait for Santa’s gift. Although my daughter was afraid of Santa she still was full of expectation, and when she received Santa’s gift, she looked so happy and exciting.

All in all, this party was very special party in my life,because it was my daughter’s first party when she became a student. I absolutely believe my daughter will have a lot of chance to take part in more wonderful party in future ,but I hope this party will give my daughter special meaning and a good reminiscence.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Recently, my husband and I are busy on selling our all funiture. I find it is difficult to get a good price as second-hand funiture. Actually, most of our funiture are nearly new, but we have to sell out. So if somebody read this article and want to buy useful and beatiful funiture, please call me!

My mobile no. is 0406938996.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The best class!

Thursday was my last English course in TAFE. Because my father in law got cancer, our whole family have to move to china in next month, it means I won't meet some of my classmates and teachers for ever in future, and I was so sad to say goodbye to my teacher and classmates.

I joined the AMEP-B class on 17th September,and it is only 1.5 terms, but I feel I have a good relationship with everyone. My teacher, Rosa, is a very responsible and intelligent lady. she uses different assessment methods to make every student study English much more interestedly, moreover,she has quite patience to correct my assessment even though in holiday. I think I am so lucky to be her student, which makes me love to study English. Thank you,Rosa!

My classmates are very special. All of us are adults, and many of us come from different countries. I think it is not only useful to study English but although make more choice to learn different culture and knowledge. For example, teacher lets every student prepare a topic in order to talk about the topic together on radio program. We all like this assessment method. When we were talking about different topic such as love, child, health, story, music,food,religion..., every student shared her or his special opinion which consisted of experiences, culture, education background, and so on. And we could get a lot of meaningful and valuable opinions. I absolutely believe that this is a kind of benefit from studying with adults.

All in all, I love my teacher and classmates. Further more I have learned several software and tools by this course and I can keep going on studying English by myself when I live in China. So long as Internet is still working, I promise to update my HAPPY MOTHER blog at least once a week. So I hope my friends and classmates pay a little bit attention on my blog and give me comment.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spiced beef Recipe


1 Beef Shank (1 piece about 1kg) ,water

2 spices:

ginger(1g) half onion
4 cloves garlic

a few pieces rock sugar
soy sauce (150ml)

1 teaspoon of salt
wine (15ml)

Fructus Anisi Stellati (6 )
dry chilli (4)

pepper (20)

1. put the washed beef shank into boiling water for about 5 minutes in order to clear up; fish the beef out and drain

2. Put the drained beef shank into a stockpot and add boiling water over the beef, then put all spices listed on the ingredient list below 2

3. light the fire then put the stockpot above the fire

4. boil the beef about 1.5-2 hours(up to your taste)

5. take the beef out and drain, when it becomes cool, put it into fridge

6. cut the spiced beef into slices and put onto plate to serve

Monday, November 23, 2009


We live in Penshurst suburb, which is located quite close to King Georges road and Hurstville CBD. Although it is not very famous, it is a pretty nice place to live in. If you walk through the penshurst street, the main road of the suburb, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful environment. Many trees grow up quite well and you even can smell the flowers’ flavor. As many other suburbs, the railway station is in the centre of the suburb. You can go to city by train in only 35 minutes. Or, you can select to take bus to other area, such as Bankstown or Rockdale. When you drive through King Georges road, you can find Hurstville Athletic Centre, you can play tennis, basketball, or swimming. Local council spent a lot money on these kinds of public facilities and they make our live more interesting and more convenient. Thanks for our local council provide us a very good community services.
The most important factor for us is that there are three or more public schools in Penshurst. The reason is we have two gorges daughters and they will enroll in local public school in three or four years. Nowadays, they are still study in local child care, Southern Cross Child Care. All teacher are very nice and patient, sometimes they are even better than us. All in all, it is very hard to summarize all our feelings in only couples of sentences. Anyway, we all definitely enjoy our living in Penshurst.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's a bad day

The day began terribly. My alarm went off and I left the house with only 1 hour to spare before my English class was started.

I got up quickly and spent 10 minutes to wash up and have breakfast, then went to class.when I got to bus station after 5 minutes walk, the bus had gone away.At that moment, it began raining.I wanted to drive to school. So I walked home in rain, unfortunately,I fell down the stares nearby my house and my left foot was broken so that I could hardly move. I tried to ring to my husband ,but my mobile phone was lost. I felt so depressed. Suddenly, my neighbor, Joe, who is very warmhearted, appeared, and he helped me move to my house and lie down on the bed. Then he rang to my husband and my teacher to tell them all what happened.

That was my bad day last week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My reaction to Annabel's story

When I listened to Annabel's story, I couldn't help to having two thoughts.

First one is I am so lucky and I have never lived on one place where a war happened, and I could be free in my country as a female.

The second thought is that Annabel is a respected girl. Although she was a new immigrant when she was in year 9, she still could achieve great mark quickly, and went on to further study at university.

I have to think of myself. I had studied English for ten years as my second language when I lived in China. Moreover I have high qualification and good working experience which are transferable. So I absolutely believe that so long as I study English hard and I will have a good future in Australia.